• December 27,2013
    Our CTO, Tomonobu Itagaki's interview is now featured on
  • December 26,2013
    Our CTO, Tomonobu Itagaki's interview is posted in the the special topic article "100 Top Creaters: Their ambitions in 2014" of [Weekly Famitsu] Janaury 9/16 issue (released on December 26, 2013) .
  • December 26,2013
    Rock CEO's "You gotta hear this!" - # 9 : KISS - "Alive!" "Destroyer" "AliveⅡ"
  • December 26,2013
    We created the opening CG for the TV Asahi program called "AMAZING BANG FRONT."
  • July 18,2013
    [Weekly Famitsu] August 1st Issue (Street Date:July 18, 2013) Our CTO, Tomonobu Itagaki's interview is featured.
  • May 30,2013
    [Weekly Famitsu] June 13th Issue (Street Date:May 30, 2013) Our CTO, Tomonobu Itagaki's interview is featured.
  • May 29,2013
    "Valhalla Corner" has been set up at VIGAMUS (The Video Game Museum of Rome).
  • May 15,2013
    Our CEO Kanematsu has been featured on the program of
  • January 22,2013
    Rock CEO's "You gotta hear this!" - "# 8 : Le Meilleur de Michel Polnareff"
  • November 15,2012
    [Famitsu Xbox360] Winter issue (Street Date:November 8, 2012) "Valhalla Freaks" Vol.31 is featured.

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Rock CEO's "You gotta hear this!" #9 (December 26, 2013)

Getting toward the end of the year, it's cold every day, but I'll blow it away with my hot Rock Spirit!!
After a long interval, what I'm going to write about are these guys, KISS!!
It's because this is the band my kid brother loved the most and was really crazy about.
He used to rock with me always, but he suddenly took off for another distant world.
So, this time, I want to introduce KISS with my thoughts about him!!

Recently, established artists including KISS and Paul McCartney visited Japan in a row and they did great live performances. I do not dare to introduce Beatles because all of their albums are must-have items and you gotta listen to them.
Let's talk about KISS. They visited Japan for the first time in seven years and played at the Budokan, the same place they did in 1977. It really made me feel like I've time-tripped to their initial live in Japan. I remember I went to the Budokan with makeup on my face.
Gene Simmons is now 64 years old. Paul Stanley, 61. But their performance was just powerful and awesome and you would never think of how old they are! I could feel their heat directly to my heart.