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Devil's Third

September 17,2010

  Hello, this is Tomonobu Itagaki.
  Today I would like to write about our current situation. I would like to call this a diary, but this is turning out to be more of a quarterly report... Anyway, let's get started.

  It has already been three months since I presented "Devil's Third" at E3. We have received many truly valuable pieces of feedback from many people, and we are truly grateful for that. We at Valhalla Game Studios are working as one, delved neck-deep into development in order to answer your high expectations.
  What is the most thrilling part about making something completely new? To me, it is the fact that I get to play a completely different version of the game with every build. Sometimes, in pursuit of new expressions of fun, we run into truly weird versions. But such is the nature of development. Those are the exciting days that we live in, every day.
  It can perhaps be said that Valhalla's development style is similar to the development of fighter planes. Many prototypes are developed in parallel, and when the situation demands it, the most competitive version is rapidly thrown into the front lines. At the same time, in order to prepare for future tactical situation, more powerful new technologies are pursued outside the box. And, on top of this technological foundation, veterans show off their honed skills.
  In other words, "Devil's Third" is a cutting-edge latest-generation fighter jet, designed to drop a breakthrough on the Shooter genre. We received a lot of questions from our fans asking whether the game is a shooter or an action game. It is actually neither an action game, nor an action shooter. It is a pure-bred shooter that uses the latest technologies to infuse itself with extremely powerful action elements and visceral melee combat.

  During the past three months, we received a great number of questions from many different people. Two of these Q&A sessions still echo inside me.

  Q. Why do you insist on brutality?
  A. Conflict is the act of killing each other, and killing is a brutal act.

  Q. Why do you insist of conflict?
  A. Turning away from conflict equates to turning away from the history of mankind.

  This is not a personal philosophy of mine - just an understanding of fact. Also, I'm not designing this game to reflect such understanding.
  What I want to communicate is that I don't turn away from reality. Since this game is about conflict, there are some things we cannot turn away from. Whether you like it or not, it's there. It is on top of this solid dedication that I push forward with the development of "Devil's Third".

  On a different note, my team has grown quite a bit since the time the company started. There are a lot of people of foreign origin in the studio now, from England, the US, Greece, Hong Kong, Australia... Veteran warriors from around the world have gathered under the Valhalla flag. Given the size of the company, I think it can be said that Valhalla is one of the most international developers out there. Hearing English spoken back and forth between areas of the studio is fun.

  As technologies develop dramatically, the bond between people are renewed and deepened.
  Those are the things that I feel as I develop "Devil's Third". What will next week's version be like? I will wrap up today's entry with that eager anticipation in my heart.

  I actually had a lot of other things that I wanted to write about, but I have decided to focus on the game for this entry, since rambling on the quarterly report is somewhat pointless. So, I hope to make the next entry a little more casual.
  By the way, Valhalla lighter cover is my recommended favorite!


Valhalla Game Studios
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Tomonobu Itagaki