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My Origin

November 11,2010

Hi everyone,
This is Itagaki from Valhalla.

  I haven't mentioned this yet, but one of my longtime dreams came true this past spring.
  I had the honor of talking to Mr. Leiji Matsumoto, the creator behind the legendary manga and animation pieces that I have passionately been following ever since childhood, like "Galaxy Express 999", "Space Pirate Captain Harlock", and "Space Battleship Yamato", among others.
  We were honored to greet Mr. Matsumoto at the Valhalla office, where he gave words of encouragement to the entire team. It was indeed an honor beyond belief. His visit is described in detail in another article, so please take a look.
  Please understand that, due to some circumstances, the presentation of the text summary of his visit had to take place six months after the event.

  On a different note. Many of you are probably aware that I am a hard-core military fanatic.
  Just the other day, I paid a visit to the Planes of Fame, the military aircraft museum at Chino, California, near Los Angeles. I was able to ride in various famous WWII prop fighters and bombers, like the P51 and the SBD, which are kept in flyable conditions on the site.
  This was another dream of mine. Flying around in planes powered by reciprocating engines allowed me to grasp how these highly maneuverable planes flew differently from resort planes, like how they caught the air. The staff at Chino demonstrated dogfight-like chases, and my heart was racing in excitement for the whole day.
  This photo is from that visit.

  I could obtain precious teachings from my great mentor. I also could obtain the truth which is only known through contact with "the real thing".
  I intend to create this first-class war game by weaving together layers these of moving moments.
  I am planning to go fire an anti-tank missile in the near future. Some team members don't want me to, because it's dangerous! But human curiosity really has no end.
  I really want to go shoot that anti-tank missile... Hmm, how shall I let it happen?


Valhalla Game Studios
 Chief Technical Officer
& Game Design Lead

Tomonobu Itagaki

Photo: Ryuga Shinno (C)Itagaki Productions.