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Rock CEO's "You gotta hear this!" # 1 : LED ZEPPELIN III

June 09,2011

Here's a new series for everyone.
Here, I will be presenting masterpieces from the history of rock, which I love, selected based on nothing but my own interests.

Rock is the soul that flows in the veins of Valhalla Game Studios, and I intend to make that obvious in this series as well.

I first met rock in 4th grade. The moment I tuned in to that FM rock radio program, I felt an electrifying shock through my skull to the tips of my toes.
From that day on, my hands were glued to the electric guitar, I got a band going right away, and there was no turning back. The young boy, his heart trapped in the pulse of rock... Er, okay, let me get back on track before we turn this into my rock autobiography.

Though I will indeed be talking about all sorts of stuff in my future posts, let's start off with this one. Yeah!!

The first record to present is, without a doubt, this one.

Led Zeppelin III
Led Zeppelin
Atlantic / Wea (1994-08-18)

Of all the LED ZEPPELIN albums out there, why do I select the one with the most argument both for and against? Well, the first track, "Immigrant Song", is definitely the deciding factor. Pro-wrestling fans out there also know that this was the song the brutish wrestler Bruiser Brody played as he presented himself onto the ring. It's simply unforgettable.
And of course, not to forget that the lyrics include the line "Valhalla, I'm coming". Yes! This is actually where the name of our company comes from. Both the lyrics and the melody of the "Immigrant Song" are very inspiring.
Whenever I go Karaoke, this is the song I start off with.
On a related note, I also like British trad folk bands like Pentangle and Fairport Convention. LED ZEPPELIN III is a great album also because it includes folk songs like "Tangerine", and the legendary blues tune "Since I've Been Loving You", which helped expand the musical horizon of LED ZEPPELIN.