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Rock CEO's "You gotta hear this!" # 2 : STEPPENWOLF LIVE

July 07,2011

Well, here's the second album!!

Last time I introduced "Immigrant Song" from Led Zeppelin, the inspiration for the company's name. This time it's one of my favorite phrases: "Born To Be Wild"... which is exactly what it says in the title, so I'll be introducing this album!!

The Steppenwolf band name is taken from the German-Swiss literary master, Hermann Hesse's "Der Steppenwolf ". The book was named after the lonesome wolf of the steppes... precisely because it describes the tale of a lonely outsider.

Live Steppenwolf
Beat Goes On (1998-08-25)

During the latter half of the 60's when the hippy culture was in full bloom, the Hollywood Renaissance caused a film movement, in which the film "Easy Rider" featured "Born To Be Wild" as an insert song. Another song, "The Pusher" was featured in the opening scene of Wyatt aka "Captain America," played by Peter Fonda, rides on his trademark American-flag decorated chopper bike. These two songs made a dashing impact that helped the film lift off.
I watched the film as a child, which drew me towards the hippy culture and fashion, and placed an insatiable longing for music. You could say this song's message and sound have rocked my life.

Let's go wild! Let's do something awesome! Demolish the wall around yourself and break through! The lyrics were electrifying by themselves to a young mind, adding the edgy guitar riffs and screaming John Kay vocals, and it goes straight to my mind. I was an elementary school kid then. What an incredibly historical rock and roll song.
At around the same time, I was reading Mizuno Hideko's "Fire!", in which the Fire Wolf seemed to overlap with John Kay, deeply engraving itself in my young heart. Whenever asked for an encore during my lives, I would play this song frequently.

Well, why the Live version instead of the first? This is important too. The album's first song "Sookie Sookie"'s #9th (often called Jimi Hendrix code) riff is several times more awesome than the studio version! Other famous songs such as "Monster" and "Magic Carpet Ride" are also incredible.

Truly, a piece that has lent huge influence to my life.