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Rock CEO's "You gotta hear this!" # 3 : ARGUS

August 15,2011

I've introduced Valhalla-related albums so far. So for the third album, I'm going to give you the rock album that I never stopped loving all these years! Like I said in the first volume, the life changing switch hit me back when I was a fourth grader. The song played on the FM radio struck me. It was as if a bullet hit through my brain, vibrating me to the bones...

'Warrior' which is included in this album was that song!

The album titles is Argus, Argos in Greek mythology, and the song title 'Warrior' give rise to 'The Warrior of Argus' = 'Argos no Senshi' (Rygar: The Legendary Adventure). For me, this is really the song with a story behind it. But, I was just a primary school kid and who could imagine I would produce a game called "Argos no Senshi" in the future back then?!

Even so, the fact that this song was what brought me into this industry can be said to be the turning point of my life. It's the great-granddaddy of them all. Of course, 'Warrior' isn't the only great song in this album, as the album itself was selected by Melody Maker magazines as the Best Rock Album of the year in 1972. In other words, ARGUS is a gold standard masterpiece of Rock grand history.

Argus (Exp)
Wishbone Ash
Mca (2002-03-05)

Songs in this album make up a spectacular rock epic of the Greek myth of the hundred-eye giant Argus and the king who overcame him and the side B is composed of songs arranged like a suite. From 'King Will Come' to 'Leaf & Stream', 'Warrior', and then 'Throw Down The Sword', the songs are packed with beautifully arranged intensity and depth. In addition, my favorite song of the band 'Sometime World' is included in this album as the second song, and all I can say is that the guitar ensemble, the coolness of the chorus and most of all, the growling bass line are just awesome.

It is said Wishbone Ash perfected twin lead guitars. Their performance is the best example of how twin lead guitars should be played, providing the best sound mixture of Gibson Humbucking pickup's thickness and Fender single coil's sharpness harmonized in perfection with interplay in a fine balance.

Back then, Gibson Flying V wasn't that popular, but Andy Powell loved it throughout his career. Michael Schenker, famous for his Flying V, was also one of those who were drawn to the V because of Andy Powell's influence and as a matter of fact, I was also inspired by him and became a frequent user of V.

Furthermore, when I was still in junior high school, Laurie Wisefield joined the band as one of the second generation twin lead guitarists and became the poster model for Yamaha SX guitar. So I often played SX as well then.

This album's cover art is also pretty famous. Hipgnosis, a British artist group that specialized in creating cover art for the albums of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, etc., was the one who produced the cover. A Greek warrior gazing at an UFO in the sky is drawn on the gatefold sleeve and such a combination of ancient warrior and UFO is quite surrealistic and visually impressive as well.

The early three albums and 'New England', the album released in the middle of their career, are wonderful collections.

Any guitarist got to listen to this album, and even for people with no interest in rock music, the resonance, the tension and the beauty this album has are truly moving!!

This is an album that marked a new era in guitar rock ... So