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Rock CEO's "You gotta hear this!" # 4 : Just For Love

November 01,2011

Well, this is again one of my super favorites!
"Just For Love"was released in 1970 as the 4th album of Quicksilver Messenger Service, one of the 3 biggest psychedelic rock bands in America.

"Psychedelic" is one of the counterculture movements which had spread among youth in the late 60's when Vietnam War was becoming more chaotic. The hippie commune centering around Haight and Ashbury streets was especially well known. The music venue "Fillmore" had produced many artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Doors, Steve Miller Band, Santana, Iron Butterfly, Vanilla Fudge... Countless unique artists appeared at the time.
Among those artists, The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and Quicksilver Messenger
Service are called the 3 biggest psychedelic bands which took their stands in the core of this movement.

Just For Love
Quickslilver Messenger Service
Beat Goes On (December 13, 1996)

What is awesome about them is the sound scale which is heavy and glamorous and holds the line against other bands those days. And macho as well. The soulful squeezing voice of Dino Valenti penetrates in the center of the echo sound with depth, and the edgy sound of guitar played by John Cipollina and the awesome sound of piano played by genius Nicky Hopkins are just amazing. The members who played for this album are especially great!

Dino Valenti, the vocalist of the band, is the composer of "Hey Joe" widely known as a song played by Jimi Hendrix (different name is credited) and composed many great songs as a singer-song-writer. Nicky Hopkins is also incredible! He is a solitary genius pianist, a first call musician credited in albums of big name artists such as Beatles, Rolling Stones, Jeff Beck Band, etc. He lived as a one-and-only musician while fighting a serious disease.

I would say the outstanding feature of "Just For Love" is its unconstrained tone of the sound with transparency recorded in Hawaii. The sound is comfortable to ears and engraved deeply into one's heart.
Furthermore, this album contains a track, which is special for me. Every end of the year, when the last day ends and the first day of the next year begins, I play "Fresh Air."
This is terrific! One of the best music in my life.
Dino's soulful voice, splendid piano solo by Nicky, arrangement with depth and reverb, and the beautiful melody lines ... everything is perfect. A masterpiece!
Album's opener "Wolf Run" is smoothly taken over by the title tune "Just For Love" and you'll be rocked with comfortable rhythm of "Cobra."

Quicksilver is good! Their "Happy Trails" and "Shady Grove" are also the albums you've gotta listen to and you would appreciate for sure.
No argument. They are just great! However, they never obtained worldwide popularity.
The fact is that they are not popular and half-forgotten especially in Japan.
However, this wonderful music (no doubt about it) is a great property we have to pass it down the generations.

A masterpiece of the time when Rock was hot: "Just For Love"
Listen to this!!