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Rock CEO's "You gotta hear this!" #9 : KISS - "Alive!" "Destroyer" "AliveⅡ"

December 26,2013

Getting toward the end of the year, it's cold every day, but I'll blow it away with my hot Rock Spirit!!
After a long interval, what I'm going to write about are these guys, KISS!!
It's because this is the band my kid brother loved the most and was really crazy about.
He used to rock with me always, but he suddenly took off for another distant world.
So, this time, I want to introduce KISS with my thoughts about him!!

Recently, established artists including KISS and Paul McCartney visited Japan in a row and they did great live performances. I do not dare to introduce Beatles because all of their albums are must-have items and you gotta listen to them.
Let's talk about KISS. They visited Japan for the first time in seven years and played at the Budokan, the same place they did in 1977. It really made me feel like I've time-tripped to their initial live in Japan. I remember I went to the Budokan with makeup on my face.
Gene Simmons is now 64 years old. Paul Stanley, 61. But their performance was just powerful and awesome and you would never think of how old they are! I could feel their heat directly to my heart.

I first encountered KISS when I was a middle school student.
I heard their song called "Hotter than Hell" on the radio then.
It totally blew my mind. The title "Hotter than Hell" was a super naming, the guitar riff was also cool and I felt an impact like I was struck by lightning.
Then in 1977, I learned they would be coming to Japan for the first time. So, I saved money and prepared for their concert. I wore the same makeup as Paul and had too much fun at the Budokan.

As a great lover of glam rock, the encounter with KISS was a shocking event for me, far greater than ALICE COOPER and SWEET.

Speaking of their golden days, KISS reaches their zenith as a band with their album "DESTROYER" released in 1976. "Detroit Rock City," which begins with edgy electric guitar cutting through the engine sound, has all the essences of Rock. Surging guitar riff and twin leads with harmony are supremely cool as well.
Then, "King Of The Night Time World" begins with car crash sounds,
and "God Of Thunder," where Gene with streams of blood pouring from his mouth shouts in hell, follows. The tension these songs create at a stretch gives us no time to breathe.

On top of them, absolute gems such as "Should It Out Loud" which is crucial for live, "Do You Love Me?" and a ballad masterpiece "Beth" are included in this awesome album.

As a matter of fact, music producer was replaced for this album. It is Bob Ezrin who had produced Alice Cooper. With the help from this guy who would become a bigger figure later, KISS morph into a band who earns their place in history from just another rock band. By the way, Bob is the guy who produced Pink Floyd's super masterpiece album "The Wall," which I introduced in the 7th issue of this column.

What is awesome about KISS are their self-representation skills, their live performance, simple and straightforward riff, and catchy melody line. Most notably, their true value is live performance. Full of frenzy, but it's a fully worked-out SHOW you won't be able to experience with any other bands.
Once you experience KISS' live, I'm sure you'll give yourself up entirely for their world.
"ALIVE" and "ALIVE II" are the albums which contain the essence of their awesome live performances.

"ALIVE" is the album which maddeningly makes us feel the heat of Rock including crudeness in their early days. Especially, "Black diamond" and my most favorite "Rock and Roll All Nite" are full of the real thrill of Rock.
"ALIVE II" is the sound source which contains their performance at the most ripening stage.
This is a powerful live album with depth and wide-range approaches, which you may call it "KING OF ROCK!"

Alive! (Rmst)
Island / Mercury (1990-07-30)

Island / Mercury (1990-07-31)

Island / Mercury (1990-07-31)

Their record of sales well over 100 million albums is just amazing. But, more than that, showing off their unforgettable unique fashion and creating fanatics called "KISS ARMY," KISS is the band to be loved forever.
They do not stand just for their unique fashion and their makeup. Feel truly cool and hot spirit of rock played by those evil spirits.

Drinking his favorite wine "Protos," I tell you firmly:
The craziest and coolest Rock animal "KISS"!!
You gatta hear this!!