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Company Overview

Name Valhalla Game Studios Co., Ltd.
Address Tsukugon Bldg. 2F, 1-3-2 Tsukishima Chuo-Ku, Tokyo 104-0052
Contact Information TEL +81-3-6219-5151
FAX +81-3-6219-5152
Board Members
  • Satoshi Kanematsu, Representative Director, C.E.O.
  • Tomonobu Itagaki, Representative Director, C.T.O.
  • Naoyuki Tsuji, Director, C.F.O.
  • Yoshifuru Okamoto, General Manager of Production
  • Hiroaki Matsui, General Manager of Art
  • Katsunori Ehara, General Manager of Design
  • Takuro Sasaki, General Manager of Technology
  • Hiroshi Nishizawa, General Manager of Strategic Technology
  • Mitsuru Tsutsumi, General Manager of International Division
Number of Employees 60 (as of September 2010)
* Including contracted employees
Average Age 35
Business Activities
  • Design, Research, Development, Sales and Promotion for Home Console Game Software
  • Design, Development, Sales and Management of Character Merchandise
  • Design, Production and Sales of Audio Visuals
  • Sound Production: Creation and Sales
  • Event Production: Design, Operation and Promotion