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Greetings from CEO

  When I was a young boy, video games were starting to rise in popularity. Thirty years later, the incredible force and power of gaming has created a huge industry throughout the world. My life was spent walking beside these games, and I am feeling once again the power that games can hold.

  What are games?

  Gaming is a medium that broadcasts signals which attracts our emotional senses, signals that overcome borders, culture, language and age. Games have grown in realism as technology evolves, gradually increasing their attractiveness. Sometimes they are extreme and difficult to a bending point, but snatching hearts with their entertainment value that resonates within the mind. Games hold this kind of power.

  In other words, games bring you an entirely new horizon, and perhaps, a new world.

  However, the past few years have brought deep changes to the forefront of the Japanese game industry: deterioration in technologies, population decline, careless and mindless developers, as well as extreme increases in development fees. These problems are staring the industry in the face, as they have impeded growth and creativity, killing off business and depriving ambitious developers of their challenge for new, original titles.

  However, no need to worry.

  The power of games is indestructible. It is impossible for games to lose their shine. In fact, games are continuously adding new dimensions. I know this.

  Valhalla Game Studios, the castle where the strongest chosen warriors gather.

  Members with ambitions, fiery passion, tough determination, skill and bodies gather to bring smiles to the players' faces. They are warriors who have challenged immense odds and defeated them all.
  Diversity is truly the lifeblood of game culture, chasing after originality gives birth to it. To maintain our ideals and move into business independently, we have set up this studio with our own capital. All this to support our dreams of creating interesting games filled with originality for countries all across the world.

  Our beliefs are simple - to bring a smile to the staff who sweat with us, to the partners who create with us, to the partners who spread the game across the world, and of course, the player who holds our game in their hands. It would truly be meaningless to create a game that does not have our hearts immersed into it.

" Rock You !! "

  A will that rocks the soul is everything to me. I'll be broadcasting the best entertainment signal to everyone's hearts. Watch out for it!

March 1st, 2010
Satoshi Kanematsu

Favorite Phrase:  "Born To Be Wild"  STEPPENWOLF


1963/3/3 Born in Tokyo
1981/3 Graduated from Ichikawa Private High School
1986/3 Graduated from Economics Dept of Nihon University
1986/4 Joined Mitsubishi Steel Mfg. Co., Ltd.
1993/4 Joined Tecmo Co., Ltd.
2000/4 - Served as General Manager of Sales (Domestic)
2001/10 - Served as Corporate Officer / General Mgr. of Sales Division
2006/2 - Served as Executive Corporate Officer / Vice President of Project Strategy Planning Dept.
- Served as President of "TECMO INC." (Torrance, CA)
2007/7 Resigned from Tecmo
2007/9 Founded Valhalla Corporation

Main Produced Titles

Family games

- Monster Rancher series
- Rygar: The Legendary Adventure
- Super Shot Soccer
- Rakusho Pachinko Slot series
(All works developed and published by TECMO)


- CR Sen-nin Paradise  (C)KYORAKU (C)TECMO, LTD.
- Ochanoma Gekijo  (C)Sansei R&D (C)TECMO, LTD.
  And over 20 other titles

Pachinko Slot

- Mogu Mogu Furinkazan series   (C)NET CORPORATION (C)TECMO, LTD.
  And 15 other titles

Photo: Tomonobu Itagaki  (C)Itagaki Productions.