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Greetings from CFO

  I always think "business" is for people to get together under a leader with a strong vision and purpose. You have to work with all your might and help each other in order to realize that vision. In this sense, the leader and each employee are life partners who work interdependently in their roles for the same purpose.

  However, recently business has seen colleagues and partners cut away under the name of restructuring. This happens more often as the yen rises and stock prices languish. Of course, business is never easy but it's a pity to see such tendencies increase even among public companies.

  On the other hand, I know there are many companies where employees are working hard and the business performance has been stable even under unprecedented economical depression. What separates these companies? The answer is harmony. Harmony is where management and employees work closely and enjoy their time working together to create something special. None will forget that experience and the human connections that create such power. These are the companies that are expanding their performance and it is because of that human power working in harmony.

  Valhalla Game Studios is a company that performs its business under these precepts, a company that considers the enjoyment of its customers and of course, its employees and partners. Such principles should never be bent in a company that creates entertainment content. If all the people who make a game are not enjoying their work, they won't be able to make their consumers happy.

  Here at Valhalla Game Studios, we have assembled ambitious and progressive people who have a partnership with management and peers. All of us believe our combined power of harmony and achievement will deliver products that will rock the gaming world and bring satisfaction to our customers. My role is to create a work environment where all our employees can feel happy and devote themselves to their work without any anxiety. I think it's like lubricating oil for this powerful team that never neglects their potential for growth every day.

  As long as we keep our principles, we will be able to deliver games that thoroughly touch gamers. We will strive to turn our power into pleasure for you, our users.

  Thank you very much for your cooperation for Valhalla Game Studios.

March 1st, 2010
Naoyuki Tsuji

Favorite phrase:

"Youth means the youth of spirit. Youth belongs to you in perpetuity as far as you keep performing your new activities on a day to day basis with belief, hope and courage."

Konosuke Matsushita


1952/8/28 Born in Otaru City, Hokkaido
1971/3 Graduated from PL Gakuen High School in Osaka (16th)
1975/3 Graduated from Trade Business course of Kanagawa University
1977/4 Joined Miyaki CPA Office
1980/2 Founded Tsuji Licensed Tax Accountant Office
1985/2 Joined Hudson Soft, Ltd.
1988/3 - Served as Director / President of Development Division
1990/8 - Served as President of Hudson Soft USA & Europe
1991/3 - Served as President of "TTI" USA
  (Joint Venture Company between NEC and Hudson)
1994/4 - Served as Director / President of Sales
1998/3 - Served as CFO/Executive Managing Director
2000/3 - Served as CFO/Senior Executive Managing Director
2004/12 - Served as CFO of U.S. Hudson Entertainment
2006/7 - Left Hudson Soft, Ltd. to become independent


- Organized Administration Dept. at Hudson
- Organized Development Dept. at Hudson
- General Manager of Operation for Hokkaido Railway Culture Conference
- Established TurboGrafx-16 Console Business in US
- Managed Hudson's IPO listing on the Japanese stock exchange market
- Established U.S. Hudson Entertainment business

Photo: Ryuga Shinno  (C)Itagaki Productions.