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  • August 24,2017
    [Important Announcement]Change of Representative Director
  • August 30,2016
    We've uploaded DTO trailer! Must see footage! Check it out!
  • June 22,2016
    [Important Announcement] Announcement on Business Alliance with YUMESHIN HOLDINGS CO., LTD. and YUME TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.
  • June 03,2016
    [Devil's Third Online(PC)]The commercial service of Devil's Third Online in Japan will commence from 17:00 on June 8 (Wed), 2016.
  • May 13,2016
    [Devil's Third Online(PC)]The Devil's Third Online OBT in Japan is now scheduled to restart on May 25th.
  • May 06,2016
    [Devil's Third Online(PC)] A new DTO trailer has been released to announce the launch of the Closed Beta Test in Russia!
  • May 06,2016
    [Devil's Third Online(PC)] We'd like to extend our apologies as well as our thanks to all the players waiting for the Japanese OBT to resume. We are giving our all to provide you with the best quality entertainment possible, packed with fun and interesting content for a great experience. We are almost ready to relaunch the new and improved OBT, and we are looking forward to meeting you all on the battlefield! (DTO Official Twitter-JP)
  • May 06,2016
    Valhalla Game Studios International Ltd., Valhalla's newest studio located in Vancouver, Canada, has officially launched its official website! Valhalla Games Studio International Ltd. is an entertainment software development company aiming to create content that reaches markets on a global scale. Together with its Japanese and Korean subsidiary studios, Valhalla Game Studios International will produce, develop, co-develop and operate high-quality interactive entertainment software such as console and PC online games, mobile applications and arcade machines.
  • April 21,2016
    [Devil's Third Online(PC)] Closed Beta Testing starting in Russia. Thanks to the over 100,000 players who signed up to participate in the CBT.
  • February 08,2016
    [Devil's Third Online(PC)] The report articles of new mode 'CHIMERA MATCH' are featured on 4Gamer.net, Online Gamer, Famitsu.com and GAME Watch.
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