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  • February 08,2016
    [Devil's Third Online(PC)] The report articles of new mode 'CHIMERA MATCH' are featured on 4Gamer.net, Online Gamer, Famitsu.com and GAME Watch.
  • January 11,2016
    Our CTO, Tomonobu Itagaki's comments is now featured on 4Gamer.com.
  • November 26,2015
    [Devil's Third Online(PC)] The report articles of Devil's Third Online Special Trial Session(held on Nov. 22) are featured on Online Gamer, Famitsu.com and 4Gamer.
  • October 09,2015
    We announced the Devil's Third Online(PC) in Russia the other day(Press Conference, Interview and Article).
  • October 09,2015
    Our CTO, Tomonobu Itagaki's interview after the talk event on TGS2015 is now featured on Famitsu.com.
  • October 08,2015
    [COMBAT MAGAZINE] November Issue (Street Date:September 27, 2015) Devil's Third(Wii U) is featured.
  • September 09,2015
    The article of Devil's Third is featured on DENGEKI ONLINE.
  • August 20,2015
    [Weekly Famitsu] September 3rd Issue (Street Date:August 20, 2015) Devil's Third is enshrined in Famitsu's Gold Hall of Fame this week. They highly appreciated its action and the innovation in its multiplayer mode.
  • August 06,2015
    [Weekly Famitsu] August 20/27th Issue (Street Date:August 6, 2015) Devil's Third is featured.
  • August 05,2015
    The article of Devil's Third is featured on 4Gamer.
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